BALITUBES is proud to be a part of the local surfing culture and offers surfboards for rent for all levels of surfing, from beginner till advanced. Bali have great spots for beginners, so you don’t have to be a professional surfer to have a great time out in the water!

We can provide almost all sizes between 5’4 and 9’0 foot long and in different volumes for each size! Our variety is hugh with more than 30 surfboards ready to be ridden by you!

We can provide the transport of the surfboard to your location (additional charge 100k /way )

IDR 150K


IDR 700K


IDR 1800K


Unfortunately surfing is a very delicate sport regarding material. Please try to be very carefully with the surfboard, otherwise you will have to pay for the damage.

Scratches are allowed, but OPEN areas (dings) have to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid water getting into the board and causing more damage. If you get dings please let us urgently know. The good news is that the repair cost in bali for this damages is reasonably cheap, but we have to charge the DEVALUATION of the surfboard, which we estimate as the same amount of the repair cost and the service of dropping and bringing it back (150k).

For example a small ding (1-2cm open surface) could cost aprox 100k, the total charge would be 100k (Ding Repair)+100 (Devaluation)+150k (Service) = 350k. You can do the service by yourself if you wish and bring it after the service is done back to our shop but the devaluation will be estimated and charged. Repair time in bali is usually very short, but big damage can take a few days and have to be considered as rental time that goes on you. A missing/broken LEASH has to be also charged with 600k. A snapped surfboard would cost 2,5mRp and a missing or lost surfboard 4,5mRp. We hope for your understanding!

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