BALITUBES is proud to be a part of the local surfing culture and offers surfboards for rent for all levels of surfing, from beginner till advanced. Bali have great spots for beginners, so you don’t have to be a professional surfer to have a great time out in the water!

We can provide almost all sizes between 5’4 and 9’0 foot long and in different volumes for each size! Our variety is hugh with more than 30 surfboards ready to be ridden by you. We have HQ Brands like FIREWIRE (Kelly Slater Designs) Models TOMO, GAMMA, FRK..

We can provide the transport of the surfboard to your location (additional charge 100k /way )

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Rental Conditions

Unfortunately surfing is a very delicate sport regarding material. Please try to be very carefully with the surfboard, otherwise you will have to pay for the damage.
1)  Please be careful with the position of the surfboard in the surf RACKS of your scooter, there is often damage because it’s wrongly positioned. Let our staff explain to you how to put it correctly.
2) Please don’t wrap the leash around the fins, that can cause small micro cuts that will follow to a snap of it.
3) Don’t let the board UNDER THE SUN for a long time (>10min), it will cause overheating and big damage!! Please keep it always in the shadows.
4) Take a look at the board before you leave the shop and search for DINGS (open spots where water can come inside). We already checked them and all boards are ready for rent, but please check it by yourself again to avoid confusion when returning. The excuse “That ding was already there BEFORE I rent it” will be not acceptable and has to be charged. Scratches are ok and will not be charged. Also,  pull the leash strongly to be sure that it is in perfect condition.
A small ding (1cm) will be charged with 10usd (150k) as example, a big ding (5cm) would be 300k, a missing fin 200k, a broken/missing leash 300k, a snapped board 3m to 4m Rp and a missing board 4m to 5m Rp depending on the level/quality of the rented board.

Thank you for your comprehension and have a lot of fun surfing!!

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